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AINSLEY NEW YORK is an independent fashion label founded by Anna Lee in 2019. After two years of product development in Italy, AINSLEY NEW YORK officially launched its premier collection of luxury leather handbags in the Summer of 2021.

As an independent label driven by creative vision and the excellence of Made in Italy, our end to end production is modeled similar to an atelier. We work with a consortium of artisans, small tanneries based in Tuscany and northern Italy.

The name AINSLEY, of Gaelic origin, means “a meadow of one’s own.” Our interpretation of this aligns with our principles and purpose which is to empower women and to create the conditions that help to realize one's talents and potentialities, to come into one's own with courage and confidence whether as a professional, artist, designer, business associate or owner, mother–all the many facets of who we are. We celebrate individual style, self-expression that comes with being and living our authentic selves.

Anna Lee, life-long New Yorker based in Brooklyn, is the Founder and Creative Director of AINSLEY NEW YORK.

She was inspired to start a slow fashion brand to fulfill a deep appreciation for “il piacere delle cose fatte come una volta” which translates from the Italian to “the pleasure of things done as they once were.”  Growing up as a child she would often ride the 7 train from Queens to accompany her mother, who then owned a handbag boutique, to visit the manufacturers in mid-town Manhattan. She fondly remembers their handmade creations, the sound of sewing machines running in the backroom, and their whimsical designs, some of which are now iconic of the 80’s New York street fashion.

Art and architecture are also a major source of inspiration for her.  The designs and approach particularly carry forth the underpinnings of Bauhaus and International Style, which she finds still relevant to today’s conscientious and sustainable urban living.

AINSLEY NEW YORK. Designed in New York. Made in Italy.